About Us

“I've built this website as a hobby, hoping to learn to write well and to articulate my thoughts in a satisfactory manner. If you like what you read please share, and if you don't like please tell us why. Feedback is important to me, either negative or positive.” — Leonard Émond, creator of AEMON.NET

Everything you read here is intended to be informative, fun and inclusive. No political games or hidden agendas of any kind. Our compromise is with the truth.

We understand that we can't always be right, so we acknowledge that sometimes our understanding of the truth might be limited, we are human — which is more important than most think, today.

Our articles are always open to debate, we don't try to bring you to any side whatsoever, we only try to convince you to think for yourself and debate what you read.

This is our motto: “to convince readers to think for themselves and debate what they read”.

This page is subject to change in the future as I work on the website, but the gist of it will be consistent…